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Tannus Armour 29 x 2.0-2.5

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Tannus Armour tyre insert offers 360° bead to bead puncture protection for all levels and styles of riding. It provides protection against sharp objects, sidewall cuts, rim damage and pinch flats.
Tannus Armour is a foam insert made with patented multi-cell foam compound called Aither which is lightweight, flexible yet incredibly durable. 
Sitting flush between your tyre and inner tube, the Tannus Armour provides 15mm of puncture protection on the top, as well as 2mm of sidewall protection from sharp objects and rocks. It cushion the inner tube upon impact meaning there is never any contact of the tube with the rim, hence no pinch flats. The Armour also provide additional protection to your rims during super hard hits.
Due to the sidewall support Tannus Armour prevents tyre buckling under laterally-applied force in fast corners. This means you can run your tyre pressure considerably lower than you would for a standard tubeless set-up. For City/Commuter/Gravel/Touring: 25-30 PSI and MTB: 15-20PSI
Installing the Armour is as quick and easy as installing a regular tyre and is maintenance free.
•Puncture Protection - Eliminates 90% of all punctures.
•Increased Grip - Run at lower PSI for more confidence to push the limits.
•Increased Comfort - Absorbs vibrations for smoother ride.
•Fast Rolling - Engineered to minimise drag.
•Run-Flat - If the unlikely happens you can still ride for up to 10km/h without damaging your wheel
•Easy Installation - Quick to install and maintenance free. (Check out the installation video in the image gallery)

TA20 20"x2.00"-2.5" 20"x1.75"-1.95" 230g
TA24 24"x2.00"-2.5" 24"x1.75"-1.95" 230g
TA70035 700×35-40C 700×20-28C 260g
TA70042 700x42-47C 28"x1.1”-1.5" 290g
TA262 26"x2.0"-2.5"



TA2752 27.5"x2"-2.5" 27.5”x1.75”-2.1” 310g
TA275P 27.5"x2.6”-3.0" 27.5"x2.0"-2.4" 330g
TA292 29"x2.0"-2.5" 29”x1.75”-2.1” 320g
TA29P 29"x2.6"-3.0" 29"x2.0"-2.4" 350g

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