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When developing X-Tubo technology we had a clear and  ambitious goal: to produce a bicycle inner tube that cannot be punctured.

Therefore we built tubes made of different materials and produced them with different methods. Those prototypes were subjected to various tests. Our approach was to conduct tests that reflect the daily use. Thus we rode across thorns, pieces of broken glass and even over our exclusively developed ramp equipped with a nail. Step by step we got closer to our goal until we found a product which satisfied our high expectations: make punctures a thing of the past. This promise is backed up with a world premiere: a one-year warranty for all kinds of flats. Given its great robustness X-Tubo-City/Tour reduces the necessary of maintenance and allows worry-free rides.

X-Tubo technology is currently available for City/Touring as well as for CX/Gravel bikes.



Are you chasing records? Always looking to have the lightest bike? Are you trying to minimize rolling resistance? Or are you a tubeless rider who wants to have a light and small spare tube?

We do have something for you: our S-Tubo technology. S-Tubo products are characterized by the reduced wall thickness of the tubes. Therefore they are even smaller, lighter and have a very low rolling resistance. S-Tubo-Road for instance is the lightest bicycle inner tube worldwide and does have a rolling resistance comparable to latex tubes.

To have the smallest packed size, S-Tubo-MTBs have a removable valve which makes them the perfect spare tube. In short: S-Tubo is our performance line. Despite all these characteristics S-Tubos have the same puncture resistance as standard butyl tubes. Due to the reduced wall thickness they are a little more prone to be harmed by potential heat during long and hard brakes so they are only ready for use in bikes with disc brakes.

S-Tubo technology currently is available for road bikes, MTBs, CX/Gravel and BMX bikes.



Tubolito’s carbon footprint is smaller compared to conventional (butyl) tubes. The decisive factors here are on the one hand the different raw material (TPU vs. rubber), but on the other hand also the same advantages that make Tubolito so special: Low weight and less material use fewer resources per tube while still providing a better riding experience. Since all of our manufacturing is done in Europe, less CO2 is released during production as well.
CO2-Footprint-Chart_ EN

Water usage

By using high-quality materials, Tubolitos could be produced with significantly less water consumption and CO2 emissions than hoses made of butyl or latex.

Compared to a latex hose, the production of a Tubolitos saves the amount of water of about 15 filled bathtubs.


tubo water consumption EN
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